Six Sides


What is Six Sides?

A game inspired by the cult classic movie Cube.

What do you do?

Try and escape the Cube.

How do I do that?

Open a door and go through.

That just takes me to another cube.

That's not the Cube.

What's the Cube then?

The whole structure.

How do I get out?

Find the exit.

Where's that?

I don't know. The rooms move.

What's the writing on the doors?

Some numbers? A code? Coordinates, maybe?

How many people are in this thing?!

No idea. More than just you, that's for sure.

Something nearly killed me!

Another thing - some rooms have lethal traps that go off when you enter the room.

Why would you do this!?

Boundless human stupidity.


Two boots for everyone
Ciphers and codes
Running into death head-first
A laser pointer
32,736 rooms, all shuffling around
1 exit - or maybe more
Your friends
Your enemies
Snack boxes
51,489,275,904 cm 2, at least
Really dumb maneuvers that probably won't save you, but they might
Singleplayer and multiplayer
Technically just multiplayer
Deadly wire meshes
Laser grids

Coming Soon